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We do all the work for you.

CodeRed offers a mobile incident management and communication platform with a control management dashboard which allows you to quickly ascertain who is safe and who requires assistance in an emergency situation.

Personalise messages------------------------

Send personalized emergency notifications from your mobile device. Be anywhere, at anytime.

To a target audience------------------------

Send messages to groups and/or individuals including management, staff, contractors, visitors, guests or local emergency services.

Users respond ------------------------

No user or software downloads required – recipients of the emergency notification can respond via an interactive menu on their cellphone.

Monitor activities------------------------

Monitor and track responses in real-time. See who’s safe and who requires assistance while accounting for all your staff.

Take control ------------------------

Via your customized control management dashboard which provides 2-way communications capabilities and real-time reporting and analytics.

Reports on-demand------------------------

Generate reports for incident debriefs or regulatory audits.

How does it Work?

Create. Activate. Manage. Control. Report.

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Learn about our innovative features

Sirens, flashing red lights and muffled announcements just don’t cut it anymore and in emergency situations, leave people confused and wondering what to do and where to go.

  • 2-way communications
  • Simple interactive menu for user responses
  • Custom control management dashboard
  • Access on all mobile devices
  • Personalized emergency notification messages
  • Easy setup and maintenance
  • Rapid activation from anywhere, anytime
  • Easy contacts integration



CodeRed solves the costly, complicated, time-consuming and manual management of evacuations and emergencies.

  • Replaces the manual task of accounting for staff
  • Saves time and money in managing evacuations and emergencies
  • Reduces reliance on safety volunteers being around
  • Notify a distributed workforce of an emergency
  • Rapidly know who is safe and who may require assistance
  • Provides reporting for regulators and inspectors


Want to know a little more?

Frequently asked questions

1. Is this available for download on the Apple or Android store?

No, this is not a Native app and there are no user software or downloads required. This is a Webapp

2. So if its not an app, what is it?

CodeRed is a mobile Web platform, accessible on all devices

3. Is this hosted onsite (client-side) or in the cloud?

Cloud hosted

4. Does CodeRed work on all devices?

Yes, the system works on PC (desktop) as well as all smart devices

5. How do my staff access the interactive emergency menu on their cellphones?

The menu is activated by each staff member dialing a unique code. Give it a try *120*11115#

6. Who manages the control dashboard and how many people can access it?

Emergency managers and up to 5 people


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